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The Club, in association with CFIG instructors on our staff and those that are associated with the FBO, provide instruction for beginning student pilot to advanced pilot training.

Learning To Soar


We are an Instructional Club  From beginner  to  transition pilots.

Learning to fly a Glider - Gliders are a simple and elegant way to fly. They fly in harmony with the atmosphere rather than using engines to overcome gravity and weather. The glider harnesses the natural flow and power of a complex atmosphere and gains height by finding “lift,” or air rising faster than the natural sink rate of the glider. Gliders are quiet and graceful.

Introductory Flights can be taken at our local glider airports such as at Truckee Airport or at Minden, NV Airport.  Accept the challenge and you are on your way to becoming a part of the world of glider pilots.  

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